Maximize Happiness

During the CFO Day in June, we talked about ‘Embracing Entrepreneurship’. There were many strong people present, whose zest for life filled the room with energy and who confirmed how much power there is in the individual. People and attitudes like this are what make organizations successful.

‘Maximize Happiness’ is a central theme during the Annual Finance Transformation Congress. We will spend that day discussing how we can maximize the greatest assets of our organization and society: the happiness of our employees! We will discuss this theme in four areas:

Be a joyful leader

Our companies are experiencing the most intense competition ever. Complete transparency is demanded of our organizations and every mistake is mercilessly punished by sensationalist media and supervisory bodies. In the Annual Finance Transformation Congress, we will discuss how you as a leader in such a stressful environment can deal honestly with your emotions.

Create & Sustain a happy team

We will also talk about how you can create and support a happiness culture within your team. What other behavior does this require from you? And how should you work toward this? How do you manage more digital AND more human? In a world in which employees are increasingly disconnected from one location and one organization, the temptation to submit completely to the digital is great. But what is the consequence of this, and how can you do it differently?

How to organize your company to maximize happiness?

In a third section, we will discuss how the structure of our organization can increase the happiness of our employees. How then do you organize yourself as a company? What does maximizing happiness mean for your controls and reports? What is the CFO’s role in a similar organization? What does he do now, and what does he not/no longer do? How do we integrate the digital into a similar organization, not so much as a control tool of today, and more as an enabler?

From Gross national product to gross national happiness

Growth is slowing down in our Western civilization. There is an ever-increasing group that seems to be getting sidelined as a result of computerization and automation. Therefore shouldn't we be structuring our society differently? And considering success and objectives in a different (and possibly less material) light? In the Annual Finance Transformation Congress, we are going to work with the best financial minds in the Netherlands, to figure out how to do it differently.

Get inspired at the Finance Transformation congress and in these times when everybody is talking about change, to challenge you to go back to basics: how do we help people to surpass and surprise themselves?


Rens de Jong
Rens de Jong

Rens de Jong

Cedric Dumont
Cedric Dumont
Member of the Red Bull Air team / Sports and performance psychologist

Cedric Dumont

Patrick van Hees
The Happiness Professor

Patrick van Hees

Ewout Meijer
Ewout Meijer
Director Springest

Ewout Meijer

Foto Kees Gabriels
Kees Gabriëls
Founder Het Talentbedrijf B.V.

Kees Gabriëls

maarten van der weijden
Maarten van der Weijden
Olympic- and World champignon Open water Swimming

Maarten van der Weijden

Foto Hugo Mans
Hugo Mans
Financial Director NS

Hugo Mans

Foto Danielle Braun
Daniëlle Braun
Author The Corporate Tribe -managementbook

Daniëlle Braun



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